Holiday houses and guest houses in Castelluccio

All the best holiday houses of Castelluccio selected for you

Do you want to spend a few days in Castelluccio di Norcia and stay in a holiday home, we recommend…
Where To Stay in Castelluccio di Norcia, Holiday houses and guest houses in Castelluccio

Holiday houses in Castelluccio

Guesthouse L’Altopiano

affittacamere castelluccio altopiano
L’Altopiano rooms is located in the historic centre of the parse, 20 meters from the small and ancient church of S. Maria Assunta. Rooms in castelllucio di norcia. This small farmhouse recently renovated, offers rooms…

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Holiday houses and guest houses near Castelluccio of Norcia

Holiday houses Casale Carocci

affittacamere castelluccio casale carocci
The farmhouse was donated to the Carocci family in 1648 by Emperor Ferdinand III, who awarded her brothers Sigismund and Caterino the title of nobility of the Holy Roman Empire for having saved the sight to Empress Eleonora…

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Guest houses Armonia e Relax

affittacameret castelluccio norcia relax
Ideal for just a weekend away from the city life, both for long stays full immersion in the unspoiled nature of Sibilini Mountains, the apartment is a viable economic alternative that will allow you to enjoy a holiday in complete freedom.

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Holiday home Antico Borghetto

affittacamere castelluccio antico borghetto
Your holiday home in Umbria! In a family and refined environment you can find: days of full relax in contact with the rhythm of the nature; a hearty breakfast served in the garden in the summer and in our fireplace in the winter.

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