Castelluccio di Norcia

the nature, the animals and the man protagonists of a boundless natural crib

Sibillini Mountains National Park

A mountain range that lies in the heart of Italy and reaches, with Monte Vettore, the 2,476 m. A land where magic, nature, history and local culture have helped to define a unique and unrepeatable reality.

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What to do in Castelluccio

Castelluccio di Norcia has long been recognized internationally as the home of outdoor sports, the number of activities that take place in the territory of Castelluccio is amazing.

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The Lentil of Castelluccio

Called by the inhabitants of Castelluccio “Lénta” is the country’s representative product. The use of this legume is ancient as evidenced by the discovery of seeds in Neolithic tombs dated 3000 BC.

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Popular Medical Uses in Castelluccio di Norcia
Daily nutrition and festive feeding in Castelluccio di Norcia
Pecorino and Sheep Ricotta Techniques and instruments of artisan cheesemaking in Castelluccio di Norcia
Mountain springs in the area of ​​Castelluccio di Norcia

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Restaurants Castelluccio of Norcia

Restaurants in Castelluccio

Restaurants in Castelluccio of Norcia, all the best restaurants castelluccio.

Hiking in the Sibillini

Hiking in the Sibillini

Unforgettable excursions in the National Park of Monti Sibillini.

Agriturismo a Castelluccio

Farmhouse in Castelluccio

Do you want to spend a few days in Castelluccio and sleep in a farmhouse?

Mules and donkeys Sibillini

Mules and Donkeys

Excursions with strong mules or cute donkeys in the Sibillini

Free Flight to Castelluccio

Free Flight to Castelluccio

Have you ever tried to soar in the air with a hang-glider or a paraglider?

Naturalistic Panoramic Telescope

Eagle View

Castelluccio di Norcia Panoramic Telescope.

News from Castelluccio of Norcia

News, offers and tips from the National Park of Sibillini

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Fioritura 2022 divieti e permessi

IN BREVE Nei giorni 25-26 giugno, 2-3 e 9-10 luglio (2022), da Norcia non si potrà raggiungere Castelluccio, con mezzi propri auto e camper.   Da Castel Santangelo sul Nera e Arquata si potrà "salire" a Castelluccio, ma non sarà possibile...

Presepi a Norcia Natale 2021 i presepi delle Guaite di Norcia

Il 18 dicembre prossimo a Norcia sarà possibile visitare i presepi allestiti dai cittadini, ogni Guaita (rione) ha realizzato un presepe. Tra gli abitanti la voglia di normalità è tanta, e questo è uno dei modi per dimostrarlo, nel centro storico di...

Where , How to Castelluccio

How to get

How to get

Getting to Castelluccio, by car, by bus, the nearest railway stations.

Sleep in Castelluccio

Sleep in Castelluccio

All facilities to stay in Castelluccio, cottages, B&B, shelters and…

Routes in Sibillini

Routes in Sibillini

Routes in Sibillini, hiking through the wonders of the National Park.

All Webcam Castelluccio

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A horse in the Sibillini

A horse in the Sibillini

Riding in Castelluccio di Norcia.



Snowshoes hike in the National Park.

Skiing in the Sibillini

Skiing in the Sibillini

Skiing between Umbria and Marche.

Flowering in Castelluccio

The flowering of the Castelluccio the wonder of nature.

Looks at the flowers

Flowering plateau

The flowering of the Castelluccio the wonder of nature.

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The plateau in bloom

The flowering of the Castelluccio the wonder of nature.

The flowers


The town of Norcia in the heart of Umbria



The art of butchery, all secrets



Trekking mulo Sibillini
Walking in the Sibillini Park with donkeys


Il Tartufo

Tartufo nero Norcia
The blog on the black truffle from Norcia


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