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Activities in Castelluccio in the National Park of Monti Sibillini
Castelluccio di Norcia has long been recognized internationally as the home of outdoor sports, the number of activities that take place in the territory of Castelluccio is amazing. Castelluccio has become a point of reference, in the Sibillini Mountains National Park, for hikers, skiers, hang gliders, cyclists for decades, in recent years with the emergence of new specialties snowshoeing, surviving, archery, mountain bike, bird-watching, orienteering, trekking with mules every practitioner has found his place in this wonderful landscape. The presence on the territory of specialized professionals, guides, hiking guides (Umbria Region), middle mountain couriers (Marche Region), flight instructors, equestrian guides, survival and outdoor FISSS instructors ensures that even the less experienced enjoy the most of these places.

The activities that can be developed in Castellucio of Norcia


Sibillini trekking Castelluccio
Hiking in the Sibillini National Park in Castelluccio

Trekking with Mules

Trekking with Mules
Trekking with Mules in the Sibillini Mountains

Mountain Bike

Sibillini mtb Castelluccio
Cycling in Castelluccio mountain bike in the Sibillini


Sibillini rafting Castelluccio
Rafting in Umbria, 30 minutes from Castelluccio di Norcia

Free Flight

Sibillini volo Castelluccio
The home of hang gliding and paragliding


Sibillini cavallo Castelluccio
By horse in the Sibillini Mountains Park


Ciaspolate Parco Sibillini
Snowshoeing between Umbria and Marche


Sci Monti Sibillini
Skiing between Umbria and Marche
Apart from outdoor sports Castelluccio also offers activities and courses such as: Courses of Problem Solving, Motor Education, Experimental Archaeology, Courses of “cheese-maker” (Mountain Cheese), Environmental Education, Corporate Training.

Paths in the Park

Trails in Castelluccio in the National Park of Monti Sibillini

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