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Do you want to taste the typical products of Castelluccio di Norcia we recommend you
Restaurants in Castelluccio di Norcia

Restaurants in Castelluccio di Norcia

Il Sentiero delle Fate

restaurant castelluccio sentiero fate
If you are passing Castelluccio come and visit us in our shop you could taste our products, prepared according to old traditional recipes simple.
The lentils of Castelluccio of Norcia IGP is our most famous product with which we prepare the classic soup with bread or a richer plate with Norcia sausages.
Spelt is proposed to be enjoyed either hot soup, salad and cold. We then recommend the cheese platter (both fresh and aged in caves) and salty ricotta, accompanied by our wildflower honey from Castelluccio and fruit jams which a Umbrian farm for years has been preparing for us.
You can also try the fresh ricotta, already good by itself, or even more tasty with honey wildflowers of Castelluccio and with jams. You can also try the ricotta tart made by spelled flour, which is delicious. If you come and visit us in the morning while getting ready, you can also taste the soup with bread and cheese hot, besides being delicious, is surely a rare experience.

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