Rafting in Umbria

Rafting in Umbria, 30 minutes from Castelluccio di Norcia rafting in the Corno River

30 min. from Castelluccio di Norcia, in Seravalle you can “dive” into the waters of the Corno River in raft, canoe or kayak.

Down the river Corno is the only way to truly admire the Valnerina, just doing rafting along the river you can, for example, admire the scenery of the Gole di Biselli, and only in a canoe you can truly appreciate the flora and fauna of the river.

Rafting Centres welcome tourists to accompany them on this adventure, as well as organizing courses and environmental education for schools.

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Activities in the Sibillini

Cosa fare a Castelluccio di Norcia, attività nel Parco Nazionale dei monti Sibillini

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