Hams around the World

Hams around the World 2015 - Norcia, 30/31 October - 1 November 2015

“4 Big by comparison”

Saturday, October 31st, between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm, parallel to the event Hams around the World, in the city that gave its name to the most famous and traditional processing of seasoned pork, in the region that for years has held the highest rapport between the number of animals raised and the number of inhabitants, the restaurant Il Cenacolo offers a starter-comparison between four big hams of the territory:

  • Suino Nero Cinghiato a ham of the Quadrifoglio farm in Norcia, aged 18 months;
  • Ham of the Patrizi farm, aged 24 months;
  • Poggio S. Giorgio Ham from Agriano, thighs aged 20 months;
  • From the Todiano Farm, Hams from Todiano di Preci, a ham aged 20 months.

Enhanced by the combination of wine from the Collecapretta farm of Spoleto, our supplier since the opening of the first restaurant, a natural wine, the taste is sincere, bringing back memories of the smell of the cellar of our uncles and our grandfathers.

Many have asked why we organized an event in the event?

To give due space to the much talked-about local products which are on everyone’s mouth, but almost never actually on our plates, to allow every palate, from the simplest to the most practicerd, to taste and note the small or large differences that characterize these noble parts, brought together by a single process that originates in our tradition.

Without the need for prized chefs, nor great speakers, in the simplicity of a appetizer one encounters a variety of scents and flavors that will be forever associated with this land.

A separate mention goes to the Suino Nero Cinghiato, the result of a program for reconstructing the breed that has populated the Umbria Marche Apennines since the fifteenth century (as amply demonstrated by the iconographic evidence), in collaboration with the Technology Park 3A, in synergy with the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Agriculture and Environment of the University of Perugia.
This restoration project, which in effect began in 2008 has, to date, over 100 animals living in semi-wild conditions in the Norcia countryside, selected according to refined criteria, able to survive the cold, snowy winters of the territory. The consistency and fiber of the meat are greatly superior to other types of pork raised in stall housing, but the most important result is the flavor (many people, when sampling, have not been able to establish the kind of animal): succulent, tasty meat that brings to mind the sweetness of lamb.

Enough talk for now .. Come and taste Norcia.



Il Cenacolo

Tel. 0743817119 – Via G. Marconi, 4 – Norcia


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