Hike Pilato Lake

Hike to Pilato lake with guide

Thursday August 20

Hike Lago di Pilato

Forca di Presta – Lago di Pilato – Forca Viola

Travel time: 6-7 hours; Drop: 900 circa; Difficulty: E+
Guides: Andrea Morgantini – sibillatrek@gmail.com – Tel. +39.335.8385182

Meeting place: Madonna della Cona – 8,00 am
Individual price: € 15

Lago di Pilato

The Lake of Pilato is situated at 1941 m above sea level, in a valley shaped by ice, arranged in north-south direction, shape and size vary according to the amount of water due to rainfall and thaw. When there is an abundance of water, the lake is shaped like a pair of glasses, with a bottleneck created by rock debris. With the decrease of the water, the rock debris emerges, and the lake is divided into two circular ponds, with a diameter greater than 300 m and less than about 100 m. The maximum depth is 9 m.

The whole area of ​​lake of Pilato has a natural value unimaginable, there are many varieties of high altitude vegetation that grow here, especially in the scree. In the basin of the lake you can see the Wall Germander, the snow Gentian, the Edelweiss of the Apennines, the Alpine Catchfly, the Dwarf Willow, and the Yellow Poppy of the Apennines. Is not difficult to find birds such as the Alpine Chaffinch and the Kestrel. The Waters of Lago di Pilato watch over the most important of its treasures, the endemic crustacean, the Chirocephalus marchesonii.

The legends of Lago di Pilato

Great are the forces of the Mountain , beyond the free nature acts with excessive power, the stupidity of the priests condemning that as witchcraft.
J.W. von Goethe

Lake of Pilato

Lake of Pilato and Chirocephalus Marchesonii

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