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Help us to carry on our work in the area

Your donation helps local businesses that currently cannot afford web presence costs

Help us to keep hope alive, will come the day that will return to normal, and we want to be there

Castelluccio donation Norcia

The campaign of donations is activated for the maintenance of the portal and the inherent websites the territories of Norcia, Castelluccio, Preci, Cascia and the Valnerina managed from the Coop Asset

Your donation will help also the companies of the territory that cannot pay the works to carry out in their websites

Your donation will help our cooperative and many companies of Castelluccio, Norcia and of the Valnerina

In this page will be published reports of the interventions made with your donations

Make your donation by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

By Bank transfer:
Banca di Credito Cooperativo Spello e Bettona
CODICE IBAN: IT15X0200838581000101452779 – BIC: ICRAITRRO70
Intestato a: Cooperativa Sociale Asset – Causale: Sisma2016

Make an online payment via credit card through the Paypal system that offers 128bit encryption protection to ensure effective online transaction security.

We ask for help from network users, we ask for a donation to us, to ensure that the cooperative can continue to work for our beloved territory.

Your donation can help us keep our site operational, and all the websites in our territory.

The network is Crudele Mother help us not to make years of commitment disappear, we and many other companies do not have the availability to maintain their presence in the web

Hosts, nurseries, cooperatives, associations know that for the next few years they will no longer be able to work, or exercise the minimum of survival, many operators ask us to obscure the websites, make a donation to help us and them.

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