Parsec Agricultura a Castelluccio

Recreational-educational trip in the Sibillini National Park

A small representation of Parsec Agri Culture organized a recreational-educational trip to Castelluccio di Norcia, an Umbrian town located in the Sibillini National Park at an altitude of 1452 meters situated on a plateau, which is divided into 3 levels: Pian Grande, Pian Piccolo and Pian Perduto. They went there to assist the seeding of lentil.
The interest in this activity was born on various factors, first of all the agriculture factor. It is curious to see the ways in which the processes are carried out, that continue the rural customs of the past, but also the importance that the territory as to the purity of the seed used.
By the way, one of our aims was to try to bring us a cultural enrichment related to the cultivation of this legume now famous all over the world, which was,in the past, a necessity for the sustenance in a harsh and difficult land to cultivate. We asked the local farmers about stories, news and tips on cultivation methods and consumption and steal some crop secret to a successful harvest.

Given the experience, the cooperative is planning to hold another trip, because, in a few days, the plateau will be characterized by a beautiful spectacle of nature called “La Fioritura” Castelluccio di Norcia. Between May and July in fact, depending on the period, you can enjoy a unique landscape: the different types of colorful flowers blooming in a non-uniform manner and give life to an ever-changing landscape, unique and alive; starting from the green, it goes to the yellow of daffodils, to flow into the red poppies, in turquoise gentianellas and finish with the purple flowers of lentils.
These pastel shades give the feeling of being in a painting by Van Gogh and other impressionist painters. This feature attracts many tourists, especially on weekends, so in case you are interested we suggest you enjoy this wonder weekdays.

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We thank the azienda agricola il Sentiero delle Fate

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